Learning occurs everywhere, not just in the classroom. It happens in the corridors, the carpark, the sports hall, the playing fields and beyond. In Limerick ETSS we encourage teaching and learning to look beyond the walls of the classroom. In Limerick ETSS we place students at the centre of all that we do; we are fostering a culture where teachers and students engage in activities that create opportunities to learn in ways that might not be possible in the classroom. In our school we define these activities as either co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.


Generally speaking, co-curricular activities are an extension of the formal learning experiences that take place at junior cycle, while extra-curricular activities are often those activities offered by our school, but may not be explicitly connected to the curriculum – we would argue that every school activity has some link to the curriculum, whether directly or indirectly. Transversal skills are those skills that can be applied to a range of disciplines, i.e. communication, team-work, collaboration etc. These skills can be developed beyond the classroom through our school’s broad range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


⦁ Basketball
⦁ Soccer
⦁ Rowing
⦁ Tennis
⦁ Rugby
⦁ Hurling
⦁ Football
⦁ Swimming
⦁ Green Schools
⦁ Neat Streets
⦁ Amber Flag Initiative
⦁ Annual Musical Production
⦁ Student Council
⦁ Creative Engagement
⦁ Fresh Film Festival
⦁ First Cut Festival
⦁ Maths Club
⦁ Choir
⦁ Strings Club
⦁ Narrative 4
⦁ Junior Achievement
⦁ Student Enterprise
⦁ Debating
⦁ Foreign Trip
⦁ Killary Adventure Centre
⦁ Excursions
⦁ Guest Speakers
⦁ Fundraisers