Today, students live in a world that is continuously evolving to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As our world becomes more complex and interconnected, there is considerable discussion taking place in relation to how our students learn.

In Limerick ETSS we recognise the need for education to move away from the “one size fits all” model to one that embraces the values of equality, diversity and inclusivity . Limerick ETSS endeavours to create a learning environment that is participatory, inclusive and will adopt policies and practices to support this. The classroom will be a place where student voice will be evident in teaching and learning. Limerick ETSS will foster a culture where success and achievement is celebrated across all disciplines. Limerick ETSS does not exclude; diversity is our strength . We aim to provide a tailored education for all and uphold our commitment to Educate Together’s vision statement – ‘Learn Together to Live Together .

Limerick ETSS strives to provide a learning experience that is learner-centred and learner-led. We reject the traditional rote-learning model and in its place we offer students an opportunity to engage in higher order learning . In Limerick ETSS, teachers work as facilitators and students take an active role in their own learning.

Limerick ETSS embraces the use of innovative technologies to support students’ learning. Technology has become an integral part of life and learning patterns in the 21st century. The school is committed to enhancing teaching and learning through the use of innovative technologies.


Technology is woven into just about every aspect of our lives. It is how we work, play, learn, communicate, shop, share information and so on. In Limerick ETSS, we believe that the importance of integrating technology in the classroom just makes sense. We are passionate about education. We believe that learning should be inspirational and accessible to all. Technology in the classroom is changing the experience of education. It is changing the way young people learn, how educators teach and how we all communicate.

Today, schools have the opportunity to integrate mobile devices like iPads in the classroom to open up a whole new world of engagement, personalised learning and collaboration in the classroom.

Our iPads 1:1 Initiative in partnership with Select will be one of many innovative tools used in the classroom. Limerick ETSS will be a non-textbook school. Our highly qualified teachers create their own subject content which will be made accessible to students on our virtual learning environment (VLE). Other benefits for using iPads in the classroom are:

Personalised Learning

Students can work and excel at their own level and pace. Teaching is student-centred based on the diverse needs of all students.

Flexible Learning

Learning is extended beyond the walls of the classroom. Students can carry on learning anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Engagement

Technology , used correctly, excites students. When students are engaged, they learn better.


Students are empowered to collaborate both inside and outside the classroom.


Students and teachers can communicate in ways unlike before.


In Limerick ETSS we are sparking learning with G Suite for Education. Google offer us a suite of tools designed to empower our teachers and students as they learn and innovate together.

With G Suite for Education, our teachers can create opportunities for learning, streamline administrative tasks, and challenge their students to think critically—all without disrupting current workflows. G Suite for Education tools are powerful on their own, but work even better together.

G Suite offers our teachers and students with the perfect platform create and co-create content that goes far deeper than any textbook and enables students to take ownership over their own learning – to be confident, curious and creative learners while at the same time, being diverse and celebrating who they are.


‘Fewer Distraction, Better Learning’

Limerick ETSS is committed to ensuring that teaching and learning lies at the centre of our iPads 1:1 programme run in partnership with Compu b. Zuludesk is a powerful mobile management device system for today’s modern digital classroom. With Zuludesk, your child’s iPad is managed. Zuledesk has easy to use tools for our Digital Learning Department, teachers and parents.

Zuludesk App

The Zuledesk app is deisgned for use in the classroom. Teachers can prepare lesson profiles in the app and they can communicate with their students. Students can communicate with their teacher and they can set up their own device by installing (pre-approved) apps and documents.

The Zuludesk app can also be used by parents to manage their child’s device.


Apple Classroom is a powerful app for iPad and Mac that helps our teachers guide learning, share work and manage student devices. It supports both shared and one-to-one environments. Teachers can launch a specific app, website or document on any iPad in the class, share documents between with students, or share student work on a TV monitor, or projector using Apple TV. Teachers can even see which apps students are working in, mute student devices, assign a specific shared iPad for each students, and reset an student’s password. Any when class ends, teachers can see a summary of their students’ activities.