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Project-Based Learning enables students to make connections but more importantly apply it in real world situations and replicate what happens in the real world by building on the skillsets of collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving. Learn more about PBL.

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What makes us different

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noun [ proj-ekt, -ikt; verb pruh-jekt ]

something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme:


adjective [ beyst ]

established, grounded, or focused on a specified principle or belief, fact, method, etc.


noun [ lur-ning ]

the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill

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Industry Partners

At Limerick ETSS, we're committed to equipping students for tomorrow's job market. Our industry partnerships connect education with real-world readiness.

Beyond The Classroom

Learning occurs everywhere, not just in the classroom. It happens in the corridors, the carpark, the sports hall, the playing fields and beyond.

We place students at the centre of the learning process.

Our vision for teaching and learning builds on the thinking underpinning the Framework for Junior Cycle and the Senior Cycle Key Skills Framework.

As an eco-conscious school we’re dedicated to nurturing a green ethos that permeates every aspect of our campus and curriculum.

From recycling rainwater to promoting local bus services, we actively encourage sustainable practices.

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Building Positive Relationsh

We aim for positive, consistent, and trusting relationships between students and adults in our school.
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At our school, we have a fair and transparent admissions process.

We evaluate applications fairly, ensuring equal opportunities. Preschool attendance or fees don’t affect admissions. Places are allocated based on priorities, potentially using a lottery during high demand. Late applicants are considered, and appeals are welcome. Follow our simple acceptance process to secure a place.

Limerick ETSS

Limerick Educate Together Secondary School


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