Limerick Educate Together Secondary School is one of seventeen post-primary schools that are part of the Common Application System.

What is the Admissions Policy?

Each participating post-primary school has unique Admission Policy containing its own unique admissions criteria. A copy of this policy may be obtained on the school’s website or by contacting the school directly.

It is essential that parent(s)/guardian(s) make themselves aware of the Admissions Policy of the schools of their choice before submitting the CAS application form. If parents/guardians have any queries regarding the school’s Admission Policy or criteria for enrolment, please contact the school directly to seek clarification.

What is the Admissions Notice?

The Annual Admission Notice contains information on a number of practical details regarding the admission process of a school that change from year to year.

How do I make an application for 1st year student enrolment to a participating post-primary school?

In order to make an application for admission into 1st Year for the academic year 2024/25, you must complete the Limerick Area Post-Primary Schools Common Application (CAS) Form. See Admissions and CAS 2024/25 folder below.

  • When completing the CAS form, you must indicate 11 schools to which you are applying in genuine, descending order of choice. Failure to indicate 11 choices may result in your child/ward not being offered a school place.
  • All information provided by you must, to the best of your knowledge, be accurate and truthful.
  • Application forms found to have inaccurate or misleading information will be withdrawn from the system and any offer made by a participating post-primary school, based on the information provided, will be deemed invalid.
  • The completed Application Form, accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope, should be submitted to the Principal at the Number 1 School of your choice.

Early submission of forms is advisable, but in any event, forms must be submitted no later than 4:00pm, Monday, 15th January 2024.

What can I do if I have submitted an application form but wish to change the order of my preferences?

  • Changes to the order of preferences are allowed, providing that they are made prior to the closing date/time for the submission of application forms, i.e., before 4pm on Monday 15th January 2024.
  • If the school of first preference remains unchanged you should write to the Principal of that school, enclosing the second application form, and informing him/her that you have amended choices 2 to 11 and now wish to proceed with the new/revised application form.
  • If the school of first preference has changed you should write to the Principal of the school of your original first choice informing him/her that you are withdrawing your application. A new/revised form should then be submitted to the new school of first
  • If you submit more than one application form and fail to notify the relevant schools of same, you will be contacted in order to determine the form you wish to proceed with. Only one active form per child will be permitted on the system therefore you must confirm the school of 1st choice and the form to be entered on the system.

What happens if an application form is submitted after the closing date/time for the receipt of application?

  • Completed applications forms should be returned to the Principal at the Number 1 school of your choice by 4:00p.m., on Monday, 15th January 2024. This timetable will be strictly enforced.
  • Applications presented to post-primary schools outside the submission deadline will be accepted but will be marked “Late Application”. Late applications will be presented for consideration to all the schools listed on the form when all other applications are processed at the end of the process.

Key Dates:

  • Monday 15th January 2024 at 4.00pm – Closing date and time for receipt of application forms
  • Tuesday 30th January 2024 – Post-primary schools will post offer of places.
  • Wednesday 31st January 2024 – Post-primary schools will post letters of refusal to
    offer a place
  • Wednesday 7th February 2024 at 12.00pm – Date by which offers are to beaccepted/refused
  • Tuesday 20th February 2024 – Common Registration Evening for all participating post-primary schools