Universal Design

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at Limerick ETSS

As part of our Project Based Learning model, we recognise that every student is different. Research shows that the ways people learn are as unique as their fingerprints.

Classrooms are highly diverse and curriculum needs to be designed from the start to meet this diversity. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an approach to curriculum that minimises barriers and maximises learning for all students.

In short, UDL ensures that every effort is made to design a curriculum that provides genuine learning opportunities for each and every student. It outlines that learning is not one thing. It identifies that our brains have three broad networks.

The Why

Engagement Purposeful, motivated learnersStimulate interests and motivation for learning. Stimulate interests and motivation for learning.

The What

Representation Resourceful, knowledgeable learners Present information and content in different ways.

The How

Action & Expression For strategic, goal-directed learners. Differentiate the ways that students can express what they know.