Corporate Responsibilities

A partnership that transforms education and society

At Limerick ETSS, we believe in the power of Corporate Responsibility to create a positive impact that resonates beyond the classroom.

This innovative collaboration between our school and local industry partners brings multifaceted benefits to the school, society, teachers, industry, and most importantly, our students.

Benefits to the School

Corporate Responsibility initiatives enrich our educational environment, offering students real-world experiences, access to industry insights, and opportunities to develop relevant skills. This strengthens our curriculum, enhances our reputation, and positions us as a progressive institution that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Benefits to Society

Through Corporate Responsibility, we contribute to the betterment of society. By nurturing a skilled and responsible future workforce, we invest in the local community's growth and development. Our students, equipped with valuable skills and a sense of civic responsibility, become active contributors to society's progress.

Benefits to Teachers

Our teachers gain access to industry expertise, resources, and professional development opportunities through Corporate Responsibility partnerships. This collaboration enriches teaching practices, enabling educators to deliver more impactful and relevant lessons, ultimately benefiting the students.

Benefits to Industry

Industry partners benefit from Corporate Responsibility by being part of a holistic approach to education. By actively engaging in shaping the skills and knowledge of future workers, companies play a pivotal role in creating a highly-skilled workforce that meets their needs. This collaboration fosters a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between the education sector and local industries.

Benefits to Students

For our students, Corporate Responsibility is a game-changer. They gain practical exposure to real-world challenges, develop essential skills, and establish valuable networks. This hands-on experience provides a competitive edge in the job market, setting them on a path to successful careers and lifelong learning.

Relevance to Ireland and the EU

Ireland, as a member of the European Union, emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a key aspect of sustainable development. Our participation in Corporate Responsibility initiatives aligns with Ireland's commitment to creating a responsible business environment that benefits society. Moreover, it aligns with the EU's focus on promoting social cohesion and economic progress through collaborative partnerships. By fostering a strong relationship between Limerick ETSS and industry partners, we contribute to these national and regional goals.

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