Green Schools

We are working together for a sustainable future

Limerick ETSS boasts a long tradition for participating in Green-Schools - Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools. As part of the programme, we are responsible for promoting long-term and whole-school action for the environment.

Green-Schools’ mission is to protect planet Earth. We are proud to say that our school is playing its part to ensure that we have a sustainable future for everyone.

Key Themes

Litter and Waste

At our school, we take pride in fostering a litter-free environment and responsible waste management. Through active student involvement, we promote litter awareness campaigns, encouraging proper waste disposal and recycling practices. Our waste collection system is designed to segregate recyclables, organic matter, and non-recyclable waste, minimising landfill contributions and paving the way for a cleaner, greener campus that exemplifies our commitment to environmental stewardship.


Committed to responsible energy consumption, our school prioritises efficiency and sustainability. While utilising gas as our primary energy source due to specific constraints, we actively implement energy-saving measures throughout the campus. Our new state-of-the-art energy efficient campus is designed and built with these priorities in mind.  From LED lighting, solar, e-charging stations for cars and smart thermostats, we are optimising energy usage to reduce our carbon footprint. Despite all the benefits of a new school campus,, we are continually exploring alternative eco-friendly solutions, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and demonstrating our dedication to a greener future for our school and beyond.


Our school's roof was designed with the conservation of water in mind. We proudly promote the use of rainwater in our toilets and our eco-garden to harness nature's gift to reduce water wastage, and instil a sense of responsibility in our students towards sustainable practices.


Embracing eco-friendly travel, our school encourages students and staff to make greener transportation choices. With easy access to a local bus service, dedicated cycle lanes, and a limited car park, we promote public transport and cycling to minimise car usage, fostering a sustainable and cleaner future for our community and the environment.


As a new school, we embrace the exciting opportunity to cultivate a thriving ecosystem and enhance local biodiversity. Our dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students unite to embark on an ongoing plan, aiming to transform our surroundings into a haven for diverse plant and animal life. Through engaging educational initiatives, habitat restoration projects, and native species planting, we envision a future where our school becomes a vibrant hub for biodiversity, nurturing a deeper connection with nature and leaving a lasting, positive impact on the local environment.

Marine Environment

Championing marine conservation, our school is dedicated to protecting our precious oceans and marine life. By educating students on waste separation and recycling, we ensure that plastic and harmful materials stay out of our waterways, preserving marine ecosystems. Additionally, our commitment to using rainwater in the toilets not only reduces freshwater consumption but also prevents excess runoff, safeguarding the marine environment from pollution and supporting a sustainable future for all.

Climate Action

At our school, we stand united in the pursuit of Climate Action, weaving sustainability into every aspect of our journey. Through our collective efforts to protect the Marine Environment, foster Biodiversity, promote eco-friendly Travel choices, conserve Water, optimise Energy usage, manage Litter and Waste responsibly, and align with global goals, we empower our teachers and students to be environmental stewards. Together, we embrace the responsibility to safeguard our planet for future generations, forging a greener, more resilient world where every action counts towards a sustainable future.