Apple Distinguished School

A Culture of Continuous Innovation

Limerick ETSS has proudly stood as an Apple Distinguished School, where we embrace innovative technology to enhance learning, foster self-directed students, and continually evolve in education.

Since 2023, Limerick ETSS has been recognised as a centre of leadership and educational excellence, demonstrating Apple’s vision for learning with technology. We join an illustrious network of only 728 schools in 36 countries considered by Apple to be the most innovative in the world.

As an Apple Distinguished School, we have a clear vision for how our technology-rich environments support learning goals. In Limerick ETSS, teachers are using iPad and Mac to teach transformative lessons and activities to empower students to become self-directed and collaborative learners.

One-to-One iPad Schoolwide Programme

In Limerick ETSS, we have established a one-to-one iPad schoolwide programme for students and staff. All our students and staff use Apple devices as their primary learning or teaching device. 

Central to our one-to-one programme is the integration of Apple apps and other educational apps from the App store together with digital resources into the curriculum to create new learning opportunities. All our staff are highly proficient in the use of Apple products are Apple Teacher accredited. 

In Limerick ETSS, we see our school as a ‘moving school’. We recognise the need to continuously review our practices and identify areas for improvement. As an Apple Distinguished School, we use our School Improvement Plan to gather data, measure progress and success. We use this data to inform the ways we teach in the classroom and identify opportunities for professional learning.

As an Apple Distinguished School, we are expected to:

  • Continuously innovate and explore cutting-edge opportunities for using Apple technology to design the future of education Explore our classrooms
  • Engage with Apple and a worldwide network of school leaders to investigate and support the integration of new education products, curriculum and services.
  • Inspire others by hosting school site visits and showcase our school’s ongoing success in a published success story. Our Apple Distinguished School - Case Study